She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wiseman – Volume 4 Chapter 6

Caution: Some ecchi/fanservice scenes.

The hunters who had defeated the Tyrant Spike-back were on their way home in high spirits. The long hours must have taken a toll on them, but everyone’s faces were full of life.

However, some of the people at the back of the line were shivering and smiling bitterly. For there was Mira and four white knights carrying the remains of the felled demon.

As the young hunters began to prepare to take the carcass home, their hunter’s spirits flared up, thinking that it would be a shame to throw it away in the face of such a large catch. Then, Mira told them not to push themselves too hard, since they were tired after the fight. So the task of carrying it fall into Mira’s hands.

As the shield, the white knight was able to prevent any attacks from the powerful demon. Yet, in the end, an additional three of them were summoned as mere carriers to the demon’s carcass. One can’t help but laugh at the sight.

“But that’s not quite what I heard. Who said that summoning magic is weak?”

“Who knows. Most of us have never seen the real thing.”

There were many people who seemed to be rethinking how strong summoning is. As she listened to their voices, Mira smiled, knowing that she had planted the seeds for the return of summoning magic.

“Thank you. I think we’re all back on our feet.”

Dolan thanked Mira as he watched over the youths, who seemed to be in a somewhat excited mood, perhaps because they had been freed from the fear of imminent death.

“You don’t need to thank me. In the first place, if they hadn’t been willing to do what they did, this wouldn’t have happened. The fact that they have the courage to stand up even when their heart is broken is worthy of admiration in itself.”

Mira said as she looked at the young hunters walking ahead of her. This is the result of them who stood up on their own feet and did not leave everything to those more powerful.

“I see. You’re right.”

“Yeah, they did well.”

After Dolan, the two older men who were standing beside him looked at the backs of the young hunters and nodded deeply.

The hunters returned triumphantly to the fort and split into two groups. One group would prepare for the victory party that Dolan had proposed, and the other group would dismantle the demon while it was still fresh.

Mira, who had the white knight carry the remains, went straight to the dismantling room. A sticky fishy odor permeates the room where a dozen or so hunters began dismantling the Tyrant Spike-back, which was being processed piece by piece.

Mira realized as she watched the scene, that in this realized world, she would have to actually dismantle the demon manually in order to obtain its materials.

During the game era, the demons that were defeated were stored in a special box in the item box. After that, one could either use their dismantling skills to turn them into materials, or leave them with an NPC specializing in dismantling.

However, in this realistic world, where various elements are intertwined, some of the skills from the game era are no longer available.

First of all, you can’t store defeated demons in the item box. There is no effect of 【Abstract Skill: Itemization】1 on the defeated demons.

Another thing is the dismantling skill. This is a skill that is executed from the item box menu, and it converts the corpse of the demon in the special box into materials. That’s why it can’t be used.

However, if it was dismantled, it would be classified as a material items such as skin, bone, or food.

It was Solomon’s guess that if its still a corpse, it would be recognized as a living thing.

Therefore Mira had the Holy Knights carry it away, and although she had the skills to dismantle it, she did not participate in the dismantling process.

“As expected of a hunter. You’re very familiar with the procedure.”

Mira was watching the dismantling with admiration. It was the first time they had ever seen the demon, but there was no hesitation in the hands of the hunters. Dolan said that they could figure out the approximate structure from its’ physical characteristics. It seems if they don’t have a deep knowledge of demon anatomy, they can’t be a hunter.

“But are you sure you only need the magic core? This thing is quite a big one.”

As they were dismantling it, Rattri suddenly turned, his expression wavering between happiness and confusion. It was the only thing that Mira, the person who had done the most work, had asked for.

“It’s fine, it’s fine~. Besides, It was you all who killed it in the first place. I merely gave a small help. Anyway, wouldn’t it feel more real if the corpse was left behind?”

Mira laughs, exhibiting dignity that did not match her appearance. The expression on her face showed a far higher level of composure and kindness that resembled melancholy.

“Well, I guess you’re right. Thanks, for pampering us.”

As a matter of fact, Mira’s Holy Knight may have hit the demon with the tower shield to get its’ attention, but she didn’t do anything else that looked like an attack. As Mira says, it was the hunters who killed it.

But of course, no one believed that to be true. Nevertheless, this hunt is sure to bring in a lot of money. That’s why Rattri thanked her on behalf of everyone.

After receiving the magic core, Mira left the bloody dismantling room and went out to the front.

The sky was tinged with twilight, and the night was about to fall. A few bonfires were lit, and the place was bright and bustling with preparations for the victory party.

Mira watched the young hunters with a good-natured expression on her face. Suddenly,

“Um, Mira-san. I have a favor to ask you, if you don’t mind.”

The woman who walked up to her had an air of fear and trepidation. She asked in an awkward tone.

“Mu, What is it? Let’s hear it.”

When she turned around, she saw that the woman was in her late teens and had a very well-rounded face. Perhaps that’s why Mira reflexively responded abruptly. Whether it meant anything to her or not, the woman with the happy expression on her face suddenly rolled up the hem of her shirttail. She then pointed to a part of her body that was exposed.

“When you healed Melissa, you didn’t leave any scars, right? Can you heal this one too?”

The woman asked Mira, with a face as if she was praying or hoping.

The woman pointed to the side of her chest where there was a scar that looked like it had been gouged out. However, it was not from yesterday, and it seemed to have already healed completely. The scar was large and very noticeable.

If it was a man, he would have been proud of it like a medal. But she’s a woman. It seems even female hunters seem to be bothered by scars.

“Fumu, I have never tried it before. I do not know if I can do it or not, but well I suppose I can try healing it?”

While enjoying the view from the side, Mira tried her best to answer calmly.

The woman did not seem to notice Mira’s vulgar gaze, but smiled like a flower and bowed her head while saying, “Yes, please!”

In response, Mira immediately summoned 【Asclepius】. She was a little distracted, but it was the first time she had done something like this, and Mira was very curious to see how it would turn out.

The summoned Asclepius crawls out of the magic circle, travels along Mira’s body, wraps around her right arm, and waits for instructions with dull eyes.

“All right, Asclepius. Can you remove this woman’s scar with your power?”

Mira then pointed her right arm at the woman. The white snake that coils around her turns around and nods to Mira in less than a second. Its’ eyes told her that this will be an easy task.

“Oh, you can? Then, please.”

As Mira instructed, Asclepius opened its’ mouth and bit into the side of the woman’s chest.


The woman let out a small cry and shivered slightly as she felt a tingling sensation. The next moment, however, her expression loosened, and she smiled happily at the scars.

“It works!”

The scars disappeared like ripples spreading around the spot where Asclepius’ fangs had pierced. Mira murmured admiringly as she carefully observed the scene. She didn’t know it had this effect.

Asclepius’ treatment was complete, leaving no trace of the scare nor of its’ fangs.

“Thank you! Really thank you very much!”

The woman thanked Mira and Asclepius with a big smile on her face.

“This is the might of summoning.”

Mira, who was aiming to revive summoning’s popularity, said this to the delighted woman, appealing its usefulness. She was glad to hear those words, “Summoning is amazing, isn’t it?” she responded. That’s when it happened.

“Please help me too.”

“Ah, this injury over hereー”

“Can you do the same for me?”

The women who had seen what had just happened rushed to Mira’s side. There were about seven young women crowding Mira. It seems that they were all curious about Melissa’s case and were watching the healing.

“Umu, I don’t mind.”

Mira agreed to the request.

“Well, where is it then?”

She asked while pointing her right arm at one of the women. The woman looked around as the victory party was being prepared.

“Ah, is it okay to do it in the basement?”

She said apologetically with a slight blush. Mira looked back to see some of the men who were preparing for the party, turned their eyes curiously.

At the same time, the woman who had just had been healed realized her blunder. She realized that she had exposed her breasts in public. When she cried out to her companions, “Why didn’t you tell me?” they replied, looking away, “We were more concerned about the result.”

And so, Mira went to the basement and immediately began to heal them.

“What is this?”

The first one to be treated, the one who suggested the move, did indeed expose a part of her body to Mira that would be embarrassing outside.

It was her buttocks. The woman, wearing leather culottes2, leggings, and underpants half down, says, “If you please,” to Mira.

There was a large round scar where she had been most likely pierced with something akin to a horn.

“Fumufumu, I see.”

She reached out and touched the woman’s buttocks under the guise of palpation. It was round, taut, and firm, but still very feminine and soft to the touch.

As she savored the touch, Mira smiled with delight. In addition to the unsuspecting woman, Mira’s justification for being of the same sex moved her hand without hesitation.

“I’m sure this won’t be a problem!”

After confirming the scar, Mira nodded her head and let Asclepius took care of the injury. Once the scars were gone, the rest became very excited, not caring at all about Mira’s caressing excuse.

As she continued to heal the young women, Mira enjoyed the inside of their thighs and cleavage to the fullest, taking great pleasure in her role.

When the treatment was over and the stars were beginning to shine, the victory party was about to begin. Now that there was no need to hunker down, the fort’s reserves were brought out, and plenty of food was served.

With all their worries resolved and their confidence regained, the hunters’ expressions were very vivid, and the victory party was very lively.

Mira, once again praised by the hunters, drank the wine made from the bounties of the forest, and in a good mood continued to lecture about the power of summoning. Not even half of them listened to the end, yet Mira was still in a good mood. She was drunk and enjoyed the victory party very much.

As the night wore on, one by one, the partygoers began to fall asleep in a drunken stupor.

Meanwhile, Tomoki suddenly came to Mira’s side and sat down next to her.

“Thank you very much for saving everyone.”

“Nah~. With my summoning skills, a problem like this is nothing much.”

“As expected huh. I’m a production specialist, so I envy people like you in times like this.”

Mira, while intoxicated, never forgets to sow the seeds for the revival of summoning magic. Tomoki, whether he heed it or not, began to talk about himself.

Tomoki seemed to specialize in woodworking, and was good at making staffs and bows. One day, however, he made a wooden sculpture as a hobby, and it became a big hit. Apparently, they sold for the same price as the staffs and bows he had made with great care.

When she asked him what the wood carving was, he told her that it was a statue of the three Gods. Nowadays, he received more orders for those than his staffs and bows, and he is now akin to a busshi3.

Tomoki said with a wry smile that somehow, he have been given the honor of making a statue of a deity to be delivered to the Three Divine Kingdoms. He was a little worried that what he started as a hobby had became something too important.

Nevertheless, he was determined and visited the Praying Child Forest to find the right wood for the statue. It is true that this forest, which holds the sacred tree, would be suitable.

“And then, with the help of the hunters, we found the wood. But somehow it turned out like this.”

Tomoki said with a sigh. When it comes to combat, he is somewhere between rank C and D, according to the adventurer rank criteria. If that’s the case, he’s certainly not going to be able to beat the Tyrant Spike-back.

But if he wanted to escape, he could have done so. When Mira said that, Tomoki replied that even if there was nothing he could do, he would at least take care of her in her final days.

“Incidentally, I’d like to ask a question. Is it common nowadays for demons from different habitats to appear, which never happened in the game?”

After listening to what Tomoki had to say, Mira asked what was bothering her the most. That the game had became a reality, and that this kind of change might have happened.

Tomoki pondered for a moment and then answered that it could not happen unless something extraordinary happened, and that something extraordinary would be the human factor.

“But this time, it’s completely unclear. Unlike in the case of human intervention, there are too many different types of demons and their original habitats.”

“That’s true. So, what could be the cause?”

“I wonder…”

The two of them muttered to themselves and looked at the nighttime forest that stretched far behind the bonfire.

After Tomoki was taken away by a drunkard, Mira was sipping her drink when she suddenly noticed that Melissa was next to Rattri. She may not be fully recovered, but she looked well and seemed to have a good appetite.

Then, as if sensing Mira’s gaze, Rattri and Melissa came to her.

“Thanks to Mira’s help, she’s recovered back to be able to walk like this. Thank you so much.”

“Ah, I heard from Rattri. Thank you for helping us.”

They both bowed deeply. Melissa’s face showed only gratitude, while Rattri’s showed gratitude, joy and his regained confidence.

“It’s nothing. What’s important is that you are safe.”

With a short, gentle smile, Mira blushed and began to talk about the usefulness of summoning, its abilities, and how to use it. Her preach is similar to ramblings of a drunk. Yet anyone who knew who she really is would have listened to it.

It was, after all, a lecture directly from Dunbalf himself. One of the Nine Wise Men and the pinnacle of summoning magic.

But unfortunately, there was no one here who knew what she was talking about. So, Mira’s words melted into the ongoing clamor, the cool night breeze, and the shimmering night sky.

Sometimes I forgot the author can write somewhat yabe ecchi scenes…

TL Notes:

1: 無形術 : アイテム化 = Mukei Jutsu Aitemu-ka = abstract; immaterial; moral; spiritual; intangible + Magic + Itemization = Abstract skill: Itemization

2: キュロット= Kyurotto = culotte. A type of medieval French clothing. Here’s a wiki page of it.

3: 仏師 = busshi = A Japanese sculptor specializing mostly in Buddha statues. So yeah no english word for this one. Here’s an article on the topic if you want to know more

aaaanndd that’s the end of this LN only arc! The rest of V4 should be similar to what we get in both the WN and the Manga adaptation.

Oh and don’t expect another chapter for quite a while~

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