She Professed Herself Pupil Of The Wiseman – Volume 4 Chapter 1

Over the western skies of the Kingdom of Arkite, a Pegasus is flying calmly across a small mountain range. Straddling at its back is the silver-haired girl, Mira.

“It’s so vast.”

What spread out below her was a misty dark green forest that seems to stretched out endlessly. Mira was marveling at the grandeur of it, as she looks out to the horizon in the distance.

That’s when it happened. Suddenly, she felt a slight vibration just beneath her feet. She can also hear a dull sound, as if something hard was broken. It sounded exactly like when Galet’s carriage was smashing through zombies and carbuncles.

“No, no way…”

Here in the sky, the only thing that could hit them would be birds. But birds would not even dare to approach a holy beast like Pegasus. As a matter of fact, on the way here, Mira had seen a flock of birds splits in front of the Pegasus as if it’s Moses.

Then what on earth is it? Mira then instructed the Pegasus to stop so she can look down. She then caught a sight of what appears to be a white bird falling down into the forest.

Is that a Blizzard Eagle?

It was a Blizzard Eagle, classified as a demon. Mira was familiar with the appearance of such a bird. It sports a pair of snow-white wings and a blood-red beak. However, its wings were covered in reddish-black blood and any sign of its supposed whiteness can no longer be seen as the eagle fell.

When Mira looked down, she saw that the Pegasus’ hooves were covered in the blood of a demon. Apparently the Pegasus had struck back at the assailant. Relieved, Mira watched as the Blizzard Eagle disappear into the white, foggy forest. Immediately after, she put her finger on the tip of her chin and tilted her head.

Hmmm. A Blizzard Eagle in the south of the continent is a strange thing. I guess that’s another change that comes with the game being turned to reality. Or is it?

Mira glanced at the forest quizzically. Originally, Blizzard Eagle was a demon that appeared only in the northernmost part of the continent, in the snow-covered forests and mountains. Its white wings were originally a protective color to blend in with the snowy world.

But now, Mira was in the southern part of the continent. According to conventional wisdom, this sighting should be impossible. However, that was the common sense of the time when this world was still a game. As a newcomer to this world, 30 years after the game became a reality, there are still many things she’s still ignorant about. But because of that, she is ready to enjoy the many changes.

The area where demons appear should change. Mira decided to not worry too much about it, thinking that such changes would most likely happen regardless.

She then resumed her flight.

The purpose of this trip is to search for Soul Howl, one of the Nine Wise Men, in the Prayer Child Forest located west of the Kingdom of Arkite. In order to follow Soul Howl’s footsteps, Solomon asked Mira to collect Seeds of the Founder in the nearby Primal Forest, a magical labyrinth.

On the way there, Mira, who had been riding on the back of Pegasus for quite a while, was forced to take a break as she was not used to riding horses.

Hmmm. At this pace, it’s going to be midnight before I reach my destination.

Mira made herself comfortable at a small restaurant in the town she had found from above. It was well past lunchtime, and there were only a few customers.

Mira is one of them. She thought she was relaxing as one of the customers, but the people around her saw her differently. Mira’s well-groomed appearance made her stand out from her surroundings. Her overly toned appearance was clearly different from the rest of the crowd. The town, located outside of the main city, had no distinctive features and travelers usually would just passed through. Therefore, it was rare to see a beautiful girl like Mira who was alone.

There were countless people who wanted to become acquainted with her. However, Mira had a bracelet on her left wrist that was known as the sign of a high level adventurer. This means no man dared to speak to her and they only could watch from afar.

In a town with no famous dungeons, hunting grounds, or adventurer’s guild nearby, it was very rare to see such an adventurer come to this town. Unaware of the stares of those around her, Mira compared the distance at this point with the rest of the way on the map and calculated the travel time.

She calculated the travel time easily.

Mira’s calculations led her to the conclusion that she would be arriving at her destination at around ten in the night. She let her mind wander. In the forest at night, her vision would be almost completely dark. If that were the case, there was a risk of her getting lost. Moreover, Mira didn’t want to work that late in the day.

While occasionally sipping on a mixed berry au lait, Mira began to look for a suitable place to stay near the forest on the map.

Hmmm, this seems to be an appropriate place. There should be enough time get us this far.

From her current location, it takes about two hours by Pegasus. There seems to be a village near the Prayer Child Forest where she can stay. The Praying Child Forest is also very vast. Moreover, the sacred tree, which was her final destination, was located further into the forest, far from the entrance. So the village in front of it was a very convenient stop for Mira.

After taking a 30-minute break, she went to the bathroom and left the town. She then continued to fly for a while. Below the forests and grasslands that were partly covered by mist were tinged with the fiery red sunset.

Mira watched the sun set over the horizon.

The sky and the earth were changing their appearance every second. As night fell, the heavens became a sea of stars and began to shine like a ripple.

Mira let out an exclamation of admiration as she looked out at the jet-black forest in the distance, rustling in the wind. Then, in the foreground, there were countless artificial lights. They looked like bonfires set up in a small village.

Mira followed the lights and eventually landed in the grass near the village.

“Thank you for your hard work. I’ll ask you again next time.”

When Mira gave her thanks, the Pegasus spread its white wings wide, as if to say, “Of course” before being enveloped by the unsummoning light.

The place was too big to be called a village, but too small to be called a town. Mira checked the name on the map, and it seemed to be called Hunter’s Village.

After passing through the simple and somewhat unassuming gate, Mira walked along the hard-packed dirt road. On both sides of the path, plants and flowers were sprouting in disorder.

At first glance, the street smelled like the countryside, but it was surprisingly crowded. Most of the buildings, such as houses and stores, are made of wood, but there was one stone structure standing out in a prominent place. From the signage, it looked like an adventurer’s guild.

When she looked around, she saw that there were indeed many people who looked like adventurers. After wandering around the moderately lively village, Mira opened the door of the one building she had stumbled upon. The light sound of the doorbell rang out.


A lively man’s voice greeted Mira.

It seemed to be a standard inn that also served as a cafeteria, and judging from the bustling cafeteria, it appears to be thriving. Most of the customers seemed to be adventurers based from their clothing.

At the same time as Mira arrived, several of them stopped eating for a moment and reflexively looked back at the door. As they looked at her with interest, Mira walked quickly to the counter. The owner of this restaurant, despite his initial big greeting, gave the impression of a thin, homely husband.

“Another lovely customer! How many people are with you? Are you here for just a meal or are you staying overnight?”

The owner smiled softly and spoke to Mira while his hands kept moving, wielding the cooking utensils and being busy cooking food for the lively restaurant.

“I’d like you to stay overnight. I’d like to have a meal as well. Both are for one person.”

“Oh, just one. The young miss can come to such a remote place by herself. I guess you’re a magician. A real one too. That’s interesting.”

In response to Mira’s words to the shopkeeper, the young man sitting next to her looked at her curiously and called out. The tone of his voice was laced with a hint of envy. The young man had a magnificent large sword that seemed to belong to him. He gave the impression to have the strength to match it, and his physique was so well built that you could see it even through his black leather coat. His dusky chestnut hair was cropped just right, giving him a somewhat unkempt look.

“I’m sorry to barge in on you like this. My name is Alfeil. As you can see, I’m a swordsman, but I’ve always wanted to be a magician.”

Alfeil, who introduced himself, stares at Mira with envious eyes while showing a nice smile on his face.

“Ah, that’s right. Can I ask what kind of magician are you?”

Alfeil asked Mira still with a smile on his face. His attitude is that of an overly-familiar person yet his carefree appearance is strangely comfortable. Mira, who received his first impression favorably, nodded mildly and opened her mouth, turning her chest up a little proudly.

“I’m a summoner!”

The voices of the adventurers around her stopped as she answered. They looked at Mira with a mixture of pity and sadness. In the face of such a reaction from the people around her, Mira rolls up her back as if she were depressed and sighs, wondering if the recovery of the summoning magic’s reputation is still a long way off.

And yet, there was one person who reacted differently.

“That’s incredible! How amazing summoning can get you this far on your own!”

Alfeil’s eyes are now full of admiration towards Mira. After all, this Hunter’s Village which is adjacent to the Praying Child Forest was not a place where a new adventurer could come alone. The adventurers in the store also noticed this with a word from Alfeil, and they all reacted in surprise.

“Alfeil-kun, can’t you let the missy order her food first? Otherwise she’ll go hungry.”

“Oh, yes, of course. Sorry about that.”

The owner of the restaurant, realizing that the conversation was not going to end, presented Mira with a menu of dishes. Mira took it while muttering an apology and ordered a set of herb-roasted chicken and honey au lait.

It seems that Alfeil really like magic. He enthusiastically talked about the accessibility of abstract magic, which were also useful in everyday life. Alfeil wanted to feel like a magician, so he laid out the many tools he had as a substitute for magic and began to happily explain them.

The tools that contain various kinds of magic are mainly called artifact1. They are commercially available and have a limited number of uses, but they can be used by those who do not have mana. As a result, they are popular among the adventurers.

It is said that most magical artifact have been developed for the lower tiers, but not for the higher tiers. However, there are no artifact for Summoning, Onmyoujitsu, or Necromancy. Not even at the lower tiers, and Alfeil was very disappointed about that.

After Mira’s order was ready, Alfeil’s attention turned to Summoning magic, which had only a few users and not even a single artifact available.

He said that he would like to see Summoning magic used by a person who’s skilled at it.

“Please, show me. I beg of you!”

The young man begged and bowed his head to the younger girl over and over again. The owner of the store said it was not the first time he had done this. It seems that Alfeil has also approached and pleaded with other magicians he has met during his adventures.

The adventurers who were there from the beginning laughed at the sight of Alfeil. But those who saw the scene only just recently raised their eyebrows at the odd behavior of the young man, wondering what he wanted to see from the girl.

After dinner, Mira and Alfeil went to a training square in the Hunter’s Village. In addition, some of the people from the inn came along to watch the spectacle.

The darkness of the night was brightly lit by the light from Alfeil’s artifacts. After explaining that this place was prepared for the self-training of adventurers and hunters, Alfeil continued happily, saying that she would be able to use her summoning skills to the fullest here.

“Well, if you’re that interested, I’ll show you.”

Despite speaking in a haughty manner, Mira is in a good mood because quite a few people is looking forward to her summoning magic. But her face doesn’t show it as she casted a summoning spell in a perfectly calm manner. The black knight that always has the same air of intimidation appeared from the magic circle that is in front of her.

“Oh! Is this summoning magic? It’s so black, and looks strong too!”

Alfeil was so excited to see summoning magic for the first time that he looked the black knight in the face and exerted his whole body at the sight. At the same time, the visitors who were in the mood for a little spectacle were speechless and their smiles twitched. Most of them assumed that Mira was only good enough to visit the Hunter’s Village alone. But a glance at the summoned black knight sent shivers down their spines. They knew it was not something that looked weak.

“A match. C-can I request for a sparring match?”

Alfeil looked back at Mira with a childlike nervousness, unconcerned about the young visitor’s shocked feelings, and turned his expectant eyes on her. The look on his face was as bright as a dog with a treat in front of it, and it was easy to see how depressed he would be if she refused.

“Well, all right.”

Mira replied, and Alfeil jumped for joy. The crowd, perhaps caught up in his cheerfulness, began to cheer him on. Words spread around and the training square was gradually becoming more and more lively as crowds were beginning to gather around to spectate the upcoming match.

In the midst of all this, Mira stares at Alfeil that’s currently in high spirit to check and see how skilled he is. This is a scanning ability, which can only be used by players and is not available for NPCs.

The results showed that he was a top-notch swordsman, but his magic power was below that of an average person. On to of that his magic resistance was worryingly low. The most important thing, however, was whether he had the skills to make use of his abilities as a swordsman.

Alfeil took a dozen steps away from the Dark Knight and pulled out his sword. This is the first time Mira has ever seen such a thing. Her eyes caught the power of the spirit that resides in the sword.

……Ice spirit sword?

Alfeil, holding the sword lightly, started to emit a tense aura. Mira also noticed that he switched his stance to a fighting stance. Alfeil’s intimidating aura coupled with his combat stance that oozes experience, clearly shows a difference between his stats and his actual fighting ability.

“The skilled hawk hides its talons, huh…”

“Oi missy, I can’t even feel the bottom of his power yet you didn’t even move an eyebrow!”

Mira laughed with one of the adventurer from the spectators currently standing next to her. Then she left the crowd and put her back against a suitable wall, ready to watch from the sidelines.

Alfeil, on the other hand, took a few deep breaths and clasped his sword in both hands.

“Well then, let’s begin~”

As Mira said this, the black knight threw the great sword in his hand high into the sky. The next moment, however, a new great sword appeared from a small floating magic circle. The black knight took it in his hand and held the tip of the sword towards Alfeil.

The great sword flying through the air reaches its peak and began to fall. The sword, spinning with a sharp, wind-cutting sound, gradually lowered its altitude. The audience, which had swelled to several dozen people, looked up at the sky and gulped with bated breath.

From the sky, where no light could reach, the great sword appeared. The murmurs of the crowd subsided simultaneously.

Illuminated by the lights of the artifacts, the great sword plunged deep into the ground, leaving a black trail.

As if on cue, Alfeil lowered his posture and sprinted. With his sword at his side, Alfeil closed the distance in the blink of an eye and leapt up with his ice blade at great force. The icy blade that was released with a considerable power drew a sharp trajectory and was sucked into the body of the black knight.

A preemptive strike with first class speed that staggered the knight. However, it quickly regains its footing as Alfeil’s sword is blocked by the black great sword and it did not reach the knight’s main body.

Just from strength alone… his is definitely above Emera. Especially his speed. He may even be faster than the Dark Knight.

Mira was objectively gauging Alfeil’s strength from her position. She was trying to figure out how far she should let the Dark Knight’s power go.

The Dark Knight blocked Alfeil’s sword and forcibly swung his great sword, blocking Alfeil’s sword, resulting in Alfeil blown into the air. A commotion goes up from the surrounding crowd.

“Strong, this one is strong!”

Alfeil shouted, unable to control his elation. He stomped on the ground, killing his momentum as he glared at his opponent, his expression both devilish and full of joy.

Once again, the sound of swords striking each other roared. As soon as Alfeil had adjusted his stance, the Dark Knight’s great sword swung down. It’s seldom that Alfeil experiences such an impact, and his voice leaked out in anguish. But then a smile appeared on Alfeil’s face.

For a few moments ago, before he can catch all the kinetic energy of the great sword, Alfeil slides the tip of the blade and sharply cleaves the body of the defenseless Dark Knight. The flash that came out of his unhindered movement cut deep into the Dark Knight, and the speed of the sword from both of his hands became a violent impact that sent him flying.

The spectating crowd erupted in applause, saying that Alfeil is amazing. Apparently, he is a celebrity in the Hunter’s Village. When Mira realized this, she smiled wickedly as it’s a great opportunity to show off the power of summoning.

“Missy, I didn’t want it to end like this. Please, let me fight seriously!”

Alfeil, who is still in a state of continued alertness2 and with a presence similar to that of Shura, raises his voice with his back facing Mira. As he said, the Dark Knight was not at his best. Because now that the game is a reality, real life and death were at stake, and she couldn’t go all out if she didn’t have an accurate measure of her opponent’s strength.

“Hmmm……. Has Sir Master lost to anything lately when you gave it your all?”

Mira asked so she can make her final decision. Alfeil answers the question by shaking his head.

“Not recently. Last time I lost was about five years ago.’

As Mira stared at Alfeil’s back, she understood one thing. The man was hungry for a strong opponent. From what Alfeil said and did, Mira is sure there were many times when others challenged him to a match like this one. And each time he had won.

Still, he is not satisfied with his own strength and is looking for someone stronger. This insatiable desire for improvement is something that Mira remembers a little too. He must have been genuinely looking up and kept reaching for the peak. And yet, his hand has not grasp anything.

“I’m sorry I tried to test you. Instead, I should let you experience this for the first time in five years.”

“That…! I’m looking forward to it!”

As Alfeil raised the corner of his mouth at Mira’s words, an icy mist began to cover his sword as if in response to his spirit. The outside crowd gasped at the aura that Alfeil was giving off, but they also remembered a similar omen coming from Mira’s confidently haughty gesture.

The Dark Knight stands in front of Alfeil. Even after being hit by a painful blow, it is still not destroyed, and the magic power that pervades it finishes repairing it. When Mira held out her hand to the Dark Knight, a magic circle appeared at its feet. It enveloped the Dark Knight from the feet up and clung to every detail of it.

【Summoning・Mutation: Dark Lord】

Mira casted her spell. The change that happened was abrupt.

Armor spirits. It is a general term for the spirits that reside in armor made by human hands. It can be said this is the way they Dark Knight should be used.

Dark knight is an armor spirit that is created from armor of a fallen enemy.

After signing the contract, Mira’s Dark Knight continued to pursue its essence and raison d’etre: destruction. As a result, its existence has taken on a more precise form.

Following the change, the Dark Knight’s was clearly different from before, in presence and in meaning. Its black armor was tinged with darkness even in the pale light, and its helmet, armor, baskets, and shin guards were all covered with countless blades.

A look that specialized only in burying enemies. It carried a great sword in each of its left and right hands, and even if it were to lost them, it would use its head, arms, legs, and all of its body to kill its enemies. This was the kind of intention that could be seen from its appearance. Although the armor was thinner since it is now specialized for attacking, the deranged appearance would probably strike fear into anyone who encountered it above all else.

In fact, the spectating crowd, which had been noisy until now, was stunned speechless by the unusual presence.

And Alfeil was also in awe of the leopard-turned-black knight. He knew from the Dark Knight’s movements that he was being held back, and therefore wished for its full power.

The Dark Knight’s full power. That’s what he wanted.

However, the power that Mira presented was far beyond his wishes.

Alfeil’s instincts told him that the being in front of him was different.

That’s why he was so excited. With his entire body furled up, Alfeil thanked God for this day. A summit that he could never reach now in front of him. It is a beacon a new goal. This is an epiphany.

Alfeil suppressed his rising joy and started running. There was no need for a signal to start. For in his mind, when a weak person challenges an absolutely strong opponent, there is no need for rules.

With a burst of energy, Alfeil proudly and steadily unleashed the best blow he could muster. The rigid sword that was swung down in an overzealous manner was blocked by the blade of the jet-black knight who had shifted its body while emitting a high-pitched sound. However, it was not the jet-black great sword that prevented Alfeil’s blows, but the blade of armor that wrapped around its hollow body.

The armor of the deadly blade moved. The two hands holding the great sword are always on the offensive. It is never used for defense. It is the embodiment of the meaning of destruction.

Alfeil immediately raises his sword following the trajectory predicted by the slightest movement. Instantly, a powerful impact struck his entire body. It was a storm of power that seemed to blow his arms away.

Even so, Alfeil forcibly controlled his numb hands. With all his energy, he put a lot of strength into the hand holding the sword.

The jet-black armor moves again. Alfeil’s face contorts in agony as he draws his sword in desperation in order to fight as long as possible, even if its just for a few more moments.

TL Note:

You might notice on how… meh this translation is but English is my second language and the entire thing is translated through MTL. Regardless I’ll translate anyway since no fluent translator is willing to pick up the LN after the English release announcement (Vol 1 will be out around August/September 2021). I won’t have a fixed schedule on this project so expect an update from 1 week to 2 months.

If you’re wondering whether I will translate Volume 2 or 3 then the answer is no. It’s been translated already and even though the translator purged all of his work, a quick google search can lead you to some aggregator/pirate site that rehosts the translations.

Anyway, Alfeil’s name doesn’t seem right to me but I can’t find a good one. His name in Japanese is アルフェイル which literally translates to Arufeiru. Which one is better? Arefair – Allfair – Arefeil – Alfeir or is Alfeil good enough?

1: 起動術具 = きどうじゅつぐ = Kidō-jutsu-gu = Activation magic tool = Artifact

2: Continued Alertness is originally the word 残を or Zanshin. Its an actual term that does not have an English counterpart. It even has its own wikipedia page!

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